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Thursday, March 15, 2007

MAY 11

We've got another gig!

It'll be May 11th at a place called O'Malley's in Gloucester City (in South Jersey, natch). I haven't visited there yet, but I've seen the photos, and it's a real classy lookin' place. It might be the first place we've ever played where all the urinals in the men's room flush.

We're doing another double-bill of The Burners (our keyboard-based quintet) and Mad Jack (our guitar-based quartet). We'll be working with our original sound company again. We'll be adding new songs. We'll be on a sweet, elevated stage with a built-in light show. (That means no slogging out to hang lights the night before which, at our age and weight, gets less and less fun.) So the whole experience will have a feeling of newness for us.

I hear there's a go-go bar across the way, so I'll be sure to let the guys in the audience know when Karch will take a seven-minute solo.

The recording sessions last week were a blast. As I suspected, I was a bit too ambitious regarding the cues I recorded for Nephew. Fifteen in one afternoon was unrealistic. We now consider them to be "demos" of cues, not the cues themselves. But it's all good. As I tell the young people, this is a journey, not a destination. Nephew can now absorb the music at his leisure, and then get back to me if he wants me to perfect one of the cues for a project.

The Scream medley was the opposite. I intended this thing to be "dirty" -- in other words, a very rough track for learning purposes only. But this time, it was my brother who got ambitious. He double-tracked my guitar, double-tracked my vocals, and then added a couple of subtle keyboard tracks. The thing sounds like an album! I think the old Screamers are gonna flip when they hear it.

It'll be 18 months on Sunday. A year and a half. Feels like four months.


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