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Friday, June 30, 2006


Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Date! Different Bat-Venue!

THIS JUST IN: That Burners gig on July 15 is switching venues to a place called Moby Dick Seafood Saloon in Lindenwold (down in South Joisey, from whence I sprang).

Voger (my bassist brother) and the Maestro (our genius keyboardist) hammered out the switcheroo this evening after we learned that the previously announced date might have to be postponed due to renovations at the previously announced venue. (I suppose these things happen at this rung of the show-business ladder.)

We decided that postponing the show wouldn't work, because after all, we're a bunch of middle-aged schlubs with careers and lives (well, I USED to have a life, anyway). So the boys went into overdrive to save July 15.

That's great for me, because I probably couldn't have done the postponement thing, schedule-wise. And I really wanted to sing with The Burners again. I'm really having fun on "Radar Love" and "All the Young Dudes" and "Perfect Strangers." These guys are smokin' -- I just have to jump around.

Voger says Moby Dick has a classy menu, but somewhere on that menu is the nigh irresistable phrase "Icy Beer, Spicy Crabs," so NATURALLY that's what we have emblazoned on our postcards, flyers and posters.


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