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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Me 'n' Brinie are talking about another double-bill with Mad Jack and The Burners. The target date we've put out to our Fried Brethren is "late March," but me 'n' Brinie have already concluded that this would be a tad optimistic.

With The Burners, the goal is to sift in some fresh material. We've agreed that any new songs added should be "danceable," though not "dance songs" per se. That could mean Rolling Stones or shewdly selected '60s pop or -- who knows? We're still in the fantasizing phase.

With Mad Jack, the ultimate goal is for us to headline -- to break away from The Burners and play three hourlong sets in one magical evening. We're still not ready. Me 'n' Brinie figure one more double-bill should toughen us up enough. We have 36 songs planned. (Twelve songs take about an hour to play.) Seven or eight of 'em are brand spankin' new to us. So our plan is that, while rehearsing our 90-minute set for the next double-bill with The Burners, we'll simultaneously rehearse our ENTIRE headlining show. Are we smart, talented and just plain healthy enough? I'm a paunchy 48-year-old trying to avoid Pop Tarts. Should be fun.

I play guitar with Mad Jack but not The Burners. But when Mad Jack breaks off, I'm gonna ask The Burners if I can play a little bit of guitar with them. (I gotta get more use out of my wireless unit, or as I call it, my "mid-life crisis toy.") Like, maybe the Maestro can take a three-song break and schmooze with friends while me, Brinie, Jazzy and Bad Bobby do a little guitar-quartet action. Me 'n' Brinie have also discussed adding me as a second guitar on two barn-stormers we would introduce toward the end of the show: "Freebird" and "Layla."

Yeah, yeah, call us corny dinosaurs. But at every single Burners show, some crowd member or other has shouted "FREEBIRD!" It never fails. And dammit, one of these nights, I wanna play it for them. As for "Layla" -- well, we have the Maestro. Imagine him playing that sweet piano part that leads into the final jam? I'll be on the lookout for wet eyes. My OWN eyeliner may be running.

By the way -- all of this is privileged information. Don't tell the Maestro, Jazzy, Bad Bobby, Karch or Fro. Controlling set lists is an art. Too many cooks spoil the broth. If it was up to Fro, we'd be doing Huey Lewis and the News.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freebird? I haven't heard that one in a long time.

How about "Hot Effin' Tuna!"

4:49 AM, January 20, 2007  
Anonymous ELDER said...

Yeah, I realize we're in danger of becoming a parody of middle-aged cover bands everywhere. But ya GOTTA hear the Maestro ... what he'll do to that ending!

I don't have any Hot Tuna, but I just love "Quah" by Jorma Kaukonen. I must listen to it three times a year.

10:49 PM, January 22, 2007  
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