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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Exciting news!

Remember my little niece, the one who played Allegra Sacrimoni's flower girl on Season 6/Episode 5 of "The Sopranos" (albeit, in a blink-and-you-miss-it scene)?

(To reacquaint yourself, click here.)

Well, she's going to be on the longrunning NBC sitcom "Scrubs" on Thursday, May 3rd. Her mom (my cousin-in-law) emailed me a photo from the shoot.

I believe my niece will play one of three younger versions of Sarah Chalke's character, Dr. Ried, in some sort of fantasy sequence. The janitor character played by Neil Flynn will also be portrayed, by three young boys.

As "Scrubs" fans know, the show incorporates a lot of quick comedy bits, frequently utilizing fantasy, so there's a good chance my niece's scenes will be likewise brief. We shall see.

Since all of the little girls are blond cuties, it would be impossible for me to describe my niece accurately enough for you to pick her out. So I'll put it this way: She's the cutest one.

I work on Thursday nights, but there's a TV near my workstation, so nobody here will be able to squeeze any work out of me for a half-hour that night. I think I'll bring in a snack. Maybe Bugles?


Anonymous gail jeanne mcgillicuddy said...

or bring in Bunny Eyes!

3:37 PM, April 06, 2007  
Blogger Mark Voger said...

Salt 'n' sugar. YEAH, baby!

8:35 PM, April 09, 2007  

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