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Friday, July 07, 2006


This will be the last Web column I post for a while. I'm taking a two-week vacation. I promise to post shortly after my return on July 23.

I have some plans, but of course, a lot of my energy will be going toward The Burners' gig July 15 at Moby Dick Seafood Saloon in Lindenwold. (Remember? Icy beer? Spicy crabs?)

We ... are ... psyched.

We hired a new sound company (among their clients are KC and the Sunshine Band and Rick Derringer). These guys usually don't do nightclubs, so they'll be slumming for us. I'll be getting TWO vocal monitors, so I'll actually be able to hear myself (unlike the last time I sang with The Burners). I'm also getting a wireless microphone, so I'll be able to do a little traveling.

More than anything, we are sounding great and feeling strong. This five-piece unit has really clicked, as musicians and as friends.

Another milestone I'll hit during my time away from the office will be the 10-month anniversary of losing Kathy. Time has been all out of whack, of course. I can't say whether it's moved slowly or quickly. I only know that I cry every day.

I have yet to swim in the ocean this summer, which is a record for me. I'm planning to go back to "our" beach and perhaps visit some of our old beach friends. I might bring some pictures of Kathy along. Kathy and I went to this one beach for 12 years, so we watched families grow up. They'll be there in their beach chairs. Some of them probably haven't heard about Kathy. It'll be sad as hell, but I need to do it, because it's the beach I know, and I don't have the chops to seek out another one. Not THIS summer, anyway. I'll tell you -- it's confusing, walking around with this all the time. It's also exhausting. And it ain't goin' away.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes in Spicy Crabs 'ville.


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