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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm almost done listening to "Endless Wire" and I totally dig it. It definitely sounds like A WHO ALBUM.

It's amazing to hear Daltrey sing new Townshend songs -- there's nothing like that combination. It's even more amazing that it took these guys 24 years to get it done. The songs, performances and production are clear and direct and beautiful.

The sole clunker (so far) comes when someone -- I think it's Pete, but I'm not sure yet -- sings ones of the songs in a very annoying growl, a la Tom Waits. The song is gorgeous, but the growling actually makes your ears hurt.

On this first listen, I haven't yet missed Entwistle, but something tells me it won't be long before I detect those places he would have punched up. Sometimes, Ringo's boy sounds EXACTLY like Moonie.

It's a curious thing how distinctive a band's chemistry can be.

If you listen to "Walking Through Clarksdale" by Plant and Page, and then you listen to "Zooma" by John Paul Jones, you can hear how one album needs what the other has, and vice versa. "Walking Through Clarksdale" is a wonderful, spare album of folky blues, but the production is sometimes a bit thin. "Zooma" is lush and ethereal, but it cries out for vocals and lyrics and melodies. If, in some unseen dimension, these two albums were to be melded, with Bonzo's drums as the cherry on top, I don't have to tell you what we'd end up with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did the Who and I dig you VOGUE, because you are the coolest dude in the whole world.
Section X rocks!

1:06 AM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Photostation said...

Hey Voglesong!~
yeah, I know ya!...You helped me put my resume together too many times before I could afford to buy a computer in the early 90's!

My wife & I saw The Who from the 8th row at Jones beach in September and heard quite a few tunes from this new album performed live. I don't like "A Man in a Purple Dress", though. I think Pete is really singing about himself in that one, using organized religion as a scapegoat. That poor sod.

Anyway, was just talking to Wayne McLean today. We leave the Press, but it never leaves us.
Stay well my rocking friend!
Kevin Coughlin

10:09 PM, November 03, 2006  
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